Lightworks Windows 11.1 Release and Lightworks 11.1.l Public Beta (Windows Only)

The last few months we have been setting about tackling the remaining issues customers have faced using Lightworks. The biggest of all these was our current licensing system (Sentinel HASP) This has caused problems during installation, activation and simply starting the application, all of which gives a negative customer experience. We are pleased to announce that this licensing has now been removed and replaced with our own EditShare Licensing Service (ELS) This same licensing service has been trialled over the last couple of months with great success in the Linux Alpha/Beta versions.

The user will sign in to the application using their Lightworks Username and Password (an internet connection MUST be present on the system) Any existing licenses still yet to expire on the current release build of Lightworks will be honoured in the new ELS system. The user simply signs in to the new version entering their Username and Password and their existing license(s) will appear in the list for them to activate (Pro and AVID DNxHD)

The new ELS licensing has some limitations.

  • Users will not be able to detach a license from one system to another. To get around this, any user that purchases Lightworks Pro will be given a Pro license that can be used on two different systems.
  • There is no concurrent network licensing system in place. If a user has a Pro activation that has 4 concurrent users, this will show a Pro license in ELS that can be used 5 times on separate systems.
  • There is currently no way of canceling a license and moving it to another system.
  • There is currently no “Offline” activation method. Users MUST have an internet connection present on the system they have installed Lightworks on.

To coincide with the new release and the new licensing we are introducing for the first time a 30 day Pro Trial license, allowing users to experience the full power of Lightworks Pro. The 30 day trial can only be used once on a system and is not renewable. When the user signs in to the application they will be offered the chance to try the product for 30 days or continue using the Free version of Lightworks. Once the 30 day trial expires, the software will revert to the Free version.

Before we release 11.1 on 28th May we are uploading one last Beta build (11.1.l) today which includes the new ELS licensing for testing purposes.

To access the latest Beta build for Windows please visit:

The fixes since 11.1.k are:

  • Added entirely new EditShare Licensing System (ELS), which replaces Sentinel HASP
  • Added further improvements for R3D playback (4-5k images)
  • Fixed entire clips appearing offline in shared projects when only part of the file (audio or stereoscopic eye) was offline
  • Fixed audio mixer track selection
  • Fixed AAF settings for Protools target
  • Fixed AVC-Intra50 files importing as green image

All Beta feedback is through the Lightworks Forum under the “Windows Beta Testers” section.


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