Robbie Fleming at NAB 2013 – That Post Show – Scruffy.TV

On this special NAB 2013 episode of That Post Show, Kanen talks with Robbie Fleming of Editshare about Lightworks coming to Linux and  Mac OS X, and what makes it different as a non-linear edit system. Robbie is EditShare‘s Global Sales Manager for Lightworks.

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NAB Show Buzz 2012 | Interview with EditShare CEO Andy Liebman

Digital Production Buzz’s Larry Jordan interviews EditShare founder and CEO Andy Liebman

Andy Liebman, EditShare

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EditShare just bundled their Flow and Arc software for free as part of their network software. Andy Liebman discusses why they are emphasizing workflow and explains that getting started with EditShare is less expensive than you might think.


The MP3 file of the interview can be downloaded here.

EditShare update now available, including Ark & Flow See for details.

EditShare Storage ( – Changes in this version:

  • Previously, you might have gotten erroneous warnings in the Daily Health Report about RAID Verification not having occurred in the last week on various hardware RAIDs, when in fact verification had been occurring. This has been fixed.
  • New preference in EditShare Connect to hide Mac resource fork folders on Windows machines, which resolves some issues sharing Avid projects between Mac and PC Avid systems.
  • Fix for Avid users receiving Segmentation Fault errors while using Avid Style media spaces, especially when switching from Avid to other applications or to the desktop.
  • EditShare Connect is designed to warn you and not proceed with mounting spaces if Avid is already running when EditShare Connect is launched. However, in previous versions of EditShare Connect, the check for whether or not Avid was already running was too sensitive. Even if only the AvidBinIndexer was running and not the Avid application itself, EditShare Connect would say that “Your Avid application is already running”. This has been resolved.
  • A new version of the EditShare network configurator ensures that proper network performance parameters are getting set according to the type of network card in the server – 1 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit – and according to whether bonding and/or bridging is enabled.

EditShare Ark ( – Changes in this version:

  • Flow proxy and database files can now be backed up to Ark (Please contact EditShare Technical Support for configuration details, automatic configuration to follow in a future version).
  • Ark will now properly run multiple backup or restore jobs simultaneously (assuming they don’t require tapes from the same pool).
  • Fixes to Ark Check Jobs – When running Ark Check Jobs, you will no longer see a progress bar that looks as if the job is running, nor will you get emails for each Media Space that was checked. You will only see a pop up box and receive an email – both providing a summary of the results of the Check Job.
  • Ark no longer allows you to back up a media space in Maintenance or Unshare Mode, which ensures that correct information is reported to the flow database.

EditShare Flow ( – Changes in this version:

  • In Flow Browse, if you browsed to a mounted Media Space in the Local tab, duplicate clip entries might have appeared in the database. The new v2.1.3.2 Flow clients fix this problem.


If you were previously using EditShare Connect on Mac OS X or Windows under EditShare or earlier, and had configured Avid Style or the Avid Launcher, you must first un-configure these features in the old version of EditShare Connect.

Next, if you are a Windows user, you must uninstall the old version of EditShare Connect.

Finally, both Mac OS X and Windows users must update to the new version of EditShare Connect and reenable Avid Style and/or the Avid Launcher.

If you are upgrading from EditShare, you can simply install the new EditShare Connect clients over the old ones. You may need to re-target your Avid application in Windows EditShare Connect and/or re-enable the Avid Style option on Windows or os x.


If you have previously configured an ethernet bond under or, you should update to but you must contact EditShare Technical Support for assistance remaking the bond before doing so.

If you use ethernet bonding but are upgrading from, you can upgrade normally without assistance.


Please visit the updated DAVE compatibility page for new information on the latest EditShare approved DAVE build, 9.0.2-1450. (Updated 30 April 2012)

DV Magazine interviews Thelma Schoonmaker on using #Lightworks to edit in 3D for Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”


Often film editors do all their cutting in 2D and then switch to 3D for screenings. In fact, Avatar was edited on an older Avid Media Composer Adrenaline system without any built-in stereo 3D capabilities. Those features were added in later versions. Hugo didn’t follow that model.

Schoonmaker continues, “I cut this film in 3D, complete with the glasses. For some basic assemblies and roughing out scenes I’d sometimes switch the Lightworks system into the 2D mode, but when it came time to fine-cut a scene with Marty, we would both have our glasses on during the session and work in 3D. These were flip-up 3D glasses, so that when we turned to talk to each other, the lenses could be flipped up so we weren’t looking at each other through the darker shades of the polarized glass.”


Thelma Schoonmaker edited Hugo in EditShare Lightworks, whose stereo 3D user interface is shown above.

Schoonmaker has been a loyal Lightworks edit system user. The company is now owned by EditShare, which was eager to modify the Lightworks NLE for stereo 3D capabilities. Schoonmaker explains, “The Lightworks team was very interested in designing a 3D workflow for us that could quickly switch between 2D and 3D. So, we were cutting in 3D from the start. They were very cooperative and came to watch how we worked in order to upgrade the software accordingly. For me, working in 3D was a very smooth process, although there were more things my two assistants had to deal with, since ingest and conforming is a lot more involved.”



The whole DV article is fascinating & worth a read.

EditShare & #Lightworks congratulate Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker for Hugo’s 11 #Oscar nominations!

EditShare and Lightworks congratulate Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker for Hugo’s 11 #Oscar nominations, more than any other film this year, including Best Picture and Film Editing:


Paramount Pictures and GK Films Production (Paramount)

  • Art Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Costume Design
  • Directing
  • Film Editing
  • Original Score
  • Best Picture
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Mixing
  • Visual Effects
  • Adapted Screenplay

EditShare is very proud to have a film editor as distinguished as Schoonmaker editing such great films with Lightworks. We congratulate her, as well as the rest of the people that did such fine work on Hugo, and wish them luck.

We’re also proud that, for the second year in a row, the film most recognized by the Academy was cut using Lightworks. We’re excited to see “Hugo” do as well this year as “The King’s Speech” did last year.

Awards Daily | “KING’S SPEECH” Oscar nominated film editor gives red hot seminar in NYC

by Stephen Holt

Two-time Oscar Nominated Film Editor (“King’s Speech,” “American Beauty”) Tariq Anwar gave a very exciting and informative talk about this career and the art and craft of Film Editing last week in Manhattan. In conjunction with the enterprising Manhattan Edit Workshop, who annually hosts EditfestNY, the two day Film Editors Fest that attracts the likes of three time-Oscar winner Thelma Schoonmaker and many,many other industy professionals.

Florence Gould Hall, part of the Alliance Francais on E.59th St., was packed with film editors, professionals, students and cinephiles galore, as Anwar, 66, gave them the very exciting benefit of his lifetime in the film business. And what a life in the editing room it’s been!

Andy Liebman & James Richings’s overview of #EditShare & #Lightworks before introducing Tariq Anwar at @Mewshop

EditShare Presents: From the Cutting Room Tariq Anwar – EditShare’s Introduction

EditShare’s Andy Liebman & James Richings introduce “From the Cutting Room: Tariq Anwar” and talk about some of EditShare’s amazing products like Lightworks.