About EditShare

EditShare™ is the technology pioneer in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the post-production, TV and film industries.

EditShare’s groundbreaking products are designed to improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way, including Geevs video capture and playout servers, XStream shared storage, Ark backup systems and Flow media asset management, and Lightworks – the world’s first three-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application (NLE).

Founded in 2003 by CEO Andy Liebman, an acclaimed film and documentary producer, EditShare was created to offer a flexible, more-affordable solution to media sharing, using standard Gigabit Ethernet for connecting clients. EditShare was able to offer an alternative to the expensive SAN and Fibre Channel solutions by providing the industry’s first high-performance Network Attached Storage for editing.

Rapid sales growth in the United States demonstrated a healthy market for EditShare’s storage technology, with enquiries from overseas broadcasters highlighting exciting possibilities on a global scale. This potential resulted in a new operation being created to cover the EMEA region by Tara Montford and James Richings – an ideal partnership to expand EditShare in this new, exciting area thanks to their extensive sales and media experience.

Together, the newly-formed partnership helped to establish EditShare as a major player across Europe, and now into the Asia/Pacific region thanks to a new operation HQ lead by Damian Miles in Brisbane, Australia. Together Andy, Tara and James have evolved EditShare into one of the fastest growing companies in their sector.

EditShare’s sustained growth is largely due to its commitment in developing innovative products tailor-made for media professionals, all designed to encourage collaboration and creativity.

A number of ‘firsts’ have been achieved along the way, strengthening EditShare’s reputation as an innovator in its field. EditShare was the first and only non-Avid solution to offer Avid Project sharing; the first storage solution in its industry to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet; the first to offer true Project Sharing for Apple Final Cut Pro and the first to deliver a portable shared storage solution with EditShare Field.

Andy Liebman, James Richings and Tara Montford remain at the heart of the company and its day-to-day operations, ensuring EditShare remains focused on providing exciting and innovative products to allow media professionals to unleash their creativity.

“It is really incredible to look back to the beginning and see the remarkable growth we have experienced in such a short period of time. We owe this tremendous success to our customers who are just as passionate about the EditShare technology as we are.” Andy Liebman, Founder and CEO of EditShare.

Please visit http://editshare.com for product specs, customer stories and more!

We’re also on Twitter at @editshare, as well as FacebookYouTube and Flickr.

Also check out our Academy Award winning nonlinear video editing software, Lightworks.

Lightworks is the fastest, most accessible and focused NLE in the industry, because it is based on the simple idea that the editor, not the computer industry, knows what’s best. The latest release of Lightworks is based on the cumulative knowledge from twenty years of top-flight editing.

We’d be happy to chat with you about Lightworks. Get in touch with us at lwks.com and the Lightworks Forum, or drop us a line at @ESLightworks on Twitter, the ESLightworks page on Facebook, or the Lightworks Community on Google+.


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