Lightworks 11.1.f Public Beta (Windows Only)

Today we are releasing the next Public Beta of Lightworks for Windows (11.1.f)

We now have approximately 3000 users actively testing and reporting feedback on the latest version of Lightworks. This build primarily fixes issues that have been broken between builds. There is still more work to be done with regards to having 11.1 ready for release, so the release date may slip by a week or two into March.

To access the latest Beta build for Windows please visit:

The fixes since 11.1.e are:

  • Fixed crash on startup in the 64bit version when MIDI devices are connected
  • Removed obsolete Matrox drivers (5.5/6/6.1/7)
  • Added support for Matrox 9.2 SP1 drivers
  • Added support for Matrox DSXLE3 range
  • Fixed tiles not repositioning automatically in bin after clip is deleted in tile view
  • Ensure that the whole of the viewer/tile is kept onscreen following a change in output video format
  • Fixed performance problems playing back material in the 64bit version primarily XDCAM HD MXFs/AVCHD
  • Fixed import of AVCHD material in the Free version (when using Create Link)
  • Fixed import of MJPEG MOV files in the 32bit version only (64bit will not work with these files)
  • Fixed missing audio on MPEG4 exports
  • Fixed ProRes sample failing to import with video
  • Fixed ability to type the timecode into the labels panel
  • Fixed potential crash recording 1080p 23.98fps using Blackmagic I/O
  • Fixed crash clicking Standby when setup to record Voice over on the record panel
  • Fixed AAF import from AVID showing black clips in the edit
  • Fixed project name not appearing when creating a new room to a project from the project browser screen
  • Fixed ability to remove an EQ effect from an audio clip by right clicking and selecting remove
  • Fixed alpha channel not being removed when applying a 3D DVE to a clip
  • Fixed edit sync warnings not appearing when making a copy of an edit
  • Fixed ability to use non-writable drives if they have a Material/Sound folder on them

All Beta feedback is through the Lightworks Forum under the “Windows Beta Testers” section.