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EditShare Storage update now available, including Ark & Flow See for details.

EditShare Storage now available

with EditShare Ark & EditShare Flow

New EditShare server updates are available. Please see for details & downloads.

Please note that these are the first updates in EditShare’s 6.1.x series, with many notable changes & improvements to multiple product lines, including:

EditShare Storage ( – Changes in this version:

  • A new EditShare Network Configuration Tool offers you more flexibility to configure your server’s network interfaces, including the creation of network bridges and bonds that include some or all interfaces in your server.
  • Newly designed EditShare Connect no longer requires the “Application Enhancer” to be configured to enable support for Mac Avid Style. If you previously used Mac Avid Style with Application Enhancer, you must uninstall it and update your Editshare Connect client with this release.
  • EditShare now supports OS X 10.7 Lion for FCP 7 and Media Composer 5.5.3, though if you are running Snow Leopard and do not urgently have to upgrade, EditShare recommends that you defer doing so until a future release. Lion requires DAVE 9, see DAVE Compatibility section for important information.

EditShare Ark ( – Changes in this version:

  • The Ark user interface has been completely redesigned to provide many improvements in performance, feedback, and ease of use. The goal was to make Ark much more reliable and user friendly, to provide the best possible information about what your Ark system is doing, and to communicate clear messages if errors occur. See the Readme and updated Ark Guide for details.
  • Ark can now manually or automatically reboot your LTO tape library to resolve communication problems. Enabling this feature requires reconfiguration of your tape library in the Ark Assistant; see the Readme or the Ark Guide for details.
  • Numerous bug fixes related to stability, reliability, and speed of Ark backups and operation.

EditShare Flow ( – Changes in this version:

  • Flow SDI Ingest now allows you to capture and preserve VANC data (commonly used for HD Closed Captions) when capturing 1080i 59.94 sources to Avid DNxHD codecs.
  • Flow File Based Ingest now allows you to simultaneously ingest to two HD codecs from the same source file.
  • Flow now supports scanning and File Ingest of QuickTime wrapped DNxHD.

If your server has a connection to the Internet, you can run Install Updates from the Control Panel on your server’s desktop. Otherwise, you can download the offline updater from, copy it to your server, then go back and run Install Updates.

As always, feel free to contact EditShare technical support if you have any questions.