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Digital Media World | Editshare Automates ‘Big Brother Jakarta’ Production

Written by Adriene Hurst


Tuesday, 26 July 2011 16:18

Endemol is managing the large quantities of footage generated during recent production of Big Editshare-flow-ingest
Brother Jakarta and automating tasks from on-set into post with an EditShare ingest, storage
and data sharing system.

Endemol handles various reality TV shows around the world like ‘Deal or No Deal’, ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’, ‘Star Academy’, ‘The Money Drop’ and ‘Wipeout’. They have now deployed EditShare Flow, XStream and Ark hardware and software to manage the production of the new Big Brother Jakarta television program. Claudia Vermeulen, Consulting Producer for Endemol International said that the reality TV format keeps the production cycle on ‘Big Brother Jakarta’ moving very fast. Multiple cameras record footage 24-hours a day, leaving no opportunity for second takes.
Editshare-jakarta      Editshare-XStream
They use the EditShare system to manage the quantities of footage and automate aspects of the production. Flow automates media ingest from the multiple cameras and microphones, placed around the house, directly into the XStream shared storage. Recorded media can be viewed from a standard desktop system connected to the network, where producers and editors can review the material together without an edit suite. The editors have production tools in Flow to get a head start on post by creating selects and sequences to establish a timeline before going into the edit room. Once in post, the XStream shared storage system centralizes all media and facilitates media sharing, which means several editors may work on footage at a time.
Ark integrates media protection and archiving with Flow and XStream, providing a tiered storage environment with file restoration across disk and tape-based models. Media protection, which moves media files to LTO-5 tapes, becomes part of the workflow. All editors can still access archived clips in Flow Browse through playable proxy video files. They can make clip selections, edit sequences with the proxy versions, and restore selected high-resolution material themselves without outside engineering support.  www.editshare.com

EditShare Storage update now available, including Flow 2.1 and Ark See http://editshare.com/updates for details.

EditShare Storage ( – New Features:

  • Avid Style sharing is now supported on both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • New “Lockable Projects” scheme available for Final Cut Pro Project Sharing.

EditShare Flow (2.1) – New Features:

This is a major new release of Flow with dozens of additional features and performance enhancements. See the updates site for details.

EditShare Ark ( – Fixed in this version:

This is a stability enhancement release. See the updates site for details.