Why pay for Lightworks Pro? Comparing the Free and Pro versions of #Lightworks.

Why pay for Lightworks Pro?

You’re probably wondering why Lightworks is free (we think about that sometimes as well). The truth is, many of us at EditShare have spent years working in the industry. We have also built our entire company on the basis of collaboration and contribution. We believe you get out what you put in, and this is our chance to put something back in. When we acquired Lightworks in 2009 we saw something different. Underneath the hood was some great technology, but it needed a major revamp. So we spent the last two years investing in Lightworks and modernising it.

Of course, offering a free product doesn’t mean that we don’t support it or continue to develop it. We are passionate about developing great products that help drive creativity. But we are a business, and like other businesses we need to earn a living. And the reality is some things cost us money. We’ve thought carefully about this and we’ve looked at where we can absorb those costs, and where we have to charge for a contribution towards them.

To be clear, some things cost us money because they are third party intellectual property, such as codecs. Other things cost us money because we employ a team of highly experienced developers. So Lightworks and Lightworks Pro have not come about by chance. But we are also not going to pretend that some things don’t cost us money. We realize not everybody will need Avid DNxHD or AVC-Intra, and we understand that a lot of people do not want technical support from us. So we’ve priced Lightworks accordingly. The free version is incredible value, and the Pro version, at £40 / €50 / $60, is probably the only solution available with this level of professional features.

Even if you don’t use all the features, purchasing Lightworks Pro contributes to this project and helps us to push the boundaries of development. We want to make Lightworks the best editor in the world. And we won’t disappoint.

We have highlighted the main differences between Lightworks and Lightworks Pro here:

Lightworks Pro has the following extra features:

  • ProRes Decode
  • Avid DNxHD Decode and Encode (extra Avid DNxHD License required)
  • AVC-Intra Decode and Encode
  • XDCAM EX Decode and Encode
  • XDCAM HD 50 422 Decode and Encode
  • DPX Decode and Encode
  • RED R3D Decode
  • H.264 / AVCHD Decode and Encode
  • BluRay VC1 Export
  • MPEG-4 Export
  • Quicktime Export
  • AAF Import and Export
  • Titling tool
  • Stereoscopic Support – Import, Edit, Effects, Export
  • Project Sharing
  • Hardware I/O Support
  • Multiple Concurrent User Licensing options
  • Volume Licensing options
  • Lifetime Pro Membership of the Lightworks Community

As a Pro Member, you can interact with our developers, and can directly influence the future roadmap for the software. In fact, you become part of the Lightworks team.

In addition, a single purchase of Lightworks Pro entitles you to lifetime membership of the Lightworks Pro Community, with the following benefits:

  • Create or join specialist user groups
  • Organise or follow Lightworks events
  • Live chat between members (with automatic language translation)
  • Messaging between members
  • Showcase your production skills, technical skills biog and equipment
  • Interact with Editshare’s Lightworks developers and product managers
  • Vote on new features – Have a direct influence on the future development path of Lightworks
  • Become eligible for Editshare Pro Support (this is a paid-for service)

Education discount

PRO Activation is available at a discount price (50% saving) for those currently studying or working in full-time education. If you believe that you qualify, please complete and submit the EDU Application form. EDU licensing is limited to a maximum of three years for students. Applicants are required to provide evidence of their education status. Processing typically takes 4 working days.


New #Lightworks Beta Release now available, with several fixes, updates, and an extended license.

New Lightworks Beta Release: – [now available]

The updated Beta version is now available from the Lightworks Downloads page.

Registered members of the Lightworks beta program can download the new version from lightworksbeta.com/downloads.

This version has an extended license and includes several small fixes and updates which can be seen below.

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Software developers! Come work for us! We’re hiring at our Boston office — feel free to ask for details.

Rising “Video Workflow” Company Wants Talented, Versatile Developers

posted on Nov 2, by EditShare. Allston, MA

Job Description

Who are we?

EditShare is a leading developer of networked shared storage and tapeless end-to-end worflow solutions for the television and film industry. Our products include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, database-backed media asset management applications, archiving and backup software, and even the world’s first 3-platform (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux) professional non-linear video editing application.
… And What are we looking for?

We are seeking highly-talented, experienced programmers who are ready to join our development staff. EditShare has several offices in both the US and UK. These new jobs are in the Boston office, specifically working with developers and product managers in Boston.

We are looking for people with a broad range of talents to work on cross-platform user interfaces, new disk- and tape-based storage architectures, as well as optimizing existing server products. During a given year, developers may work on projects covering diverse fields — from Linux kernel hacking to client/server UI programming, from optimizing SQL queries to building new features using standards-based metadata formats such as XML and AAF.

Skills & Requirements

All candidates must be good team members and should have strong backgrounds in:

  • Linux (including shell scripting, rpm, system configuration, etc.). Most of our server products run on Linux so if you have little or no experience in Linux development, you are probably not the right person for us.
  • Python
  • C /C++
  • Windows
  • OS X

The best candidates will ALSO have a good working knowledge of many, if not most, of the following:

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL and other open-source databases
  • Qt and/or WX GUI APIs
  • JavaScript/Web development including Django
  • Performance Profiling for data flow optimization – including the ability to analyze network performance and to evaluate kernel I/O scheduler and RAID device driver and firmware options.
  • Video editing applications such as Avid and Final Cut Pro
  • Video codecs, and wrappers such as MXF and QuickTime
  • Tape-based backup systems

About EditShare

EditShare was founded in Boston in 2004. The principals all came from television and film themselves and started the company with the idea that serious workflow improvements were needed in the industry. Today, EditShare has nearly 3000 customers worldwide. These range from major broadcasters such as ION Networks in the USA to ITV in the UK, to high-end production companies such as PS 260, Atlas Media, and Sharp Entertainment in New York to the Oprah Winfrey Channel and Carson Daly in Los Angeles. We have installations at over 500 colleges and universities around the world. We are at cable television stations and corporate video departments large and small.

The spirit at EditShare is very much that of a high-tech upstart challenging the traditional players in the industry. We do a LOT with a relatively modest number of developers. Everybody’s opinion is valued and counts here. There are unlimited opportunites to have your good ideas incorporated into our products. Our release cycle is measured in months, not years. EditShare has never taken one penny of investor money, so we have nobody to answer to except ourselves and our customers. But we are long past the startup phase. We have a 5-year lease on our office space, a 401K plan, health insurance, free lunch on Thursdays, and a really cool staff that makes us who we are.