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On this special NAB 2013 episode of That Post Show, Kanen talks with Robbie Fleming of Editshare about Lightworks coming to Linux and  Mac OS X, and what makes it different as a non-linear edit system. Robbie is EditShare‘s Global Sales Manager for Lightworks.

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Important Update About Lightworks

Lightworks on Windows

The development work on the next version of Lightworks 11.1 is going very well and with nearly four thousand users registered and testing the latest Beta versions, we have been making excellent progress. Such an enormous amount of feedback – and the time it takes to respond to it – means that we are slightly behind with making the 11.1 Windows version available for release, but it is nearly complete. We are aiming to have the release version ready for 30th April 2013

While we finialise this next version of Lightworks we are releasing an updated installer (no code changes) for 11.0.3 which will help overcome some of the problems users have been experiencing. The changes to the installer are:

  • We have updated the HASP licensing Run Time Environment (RTE) to the latest version 6.51 (included with the current Beta version.) This should help to resolve some installation issues and potential licensing problems and will allow installation on Windows 8 systems.
  • We have updated the installer which will help resolve some startup issues, primarily to do with an Internet Explorer 10 update. There are no code changes to this version of Lightworks in this updated installer.

Lightworks on Linux

We have had a very successful Linux Alpha program and although we will narrowly miss the targeted release date at the end of Q1, we will we be making the Linux Public Beta, which includes a much improved licensing scheme, available on 30th April 2013. We have been listening to users, and the current licensing scheme has not been up to their expectations.

The new scheme will be much simpler and easier to use, and will be based around signing in to the application using your user ID and Password for This same licensing scheme will be rolled out across all three platforms over the coming months. We will be trialling this new licensing scheme with the Linux Alpha Team over the next few weeks.

Lightworks on Mac

We will be showing a preview only of Lightworks running on Mac at NAB 2013. This means we are nearly ready to announce the Alpha Program for Lightworks on Mac. More information will follow soon.

Lightworks brings Led Zeppelin’s ‘Celebration Day’ 2007 reunion concert DVD to life

London, UK – 22 October 2012 – With over 20 million people eager to get their hands on tickets to their first headline show in 27 years, Led Zeppelin’s 2007 London concert was one of the hottest events on the planet. The release of the live concert film “Celebration Day” on 19 November gives those millions who missed out the chance to experience the performance in all its glory.

Legendary music filmmaker Dick Carruthers once again turned to his editor of choice, Henry Stein, to help bring the film to life. The pair has worked together on a long and illustrious list of music projects, including 2003’s Led Zeppelin DVD – the biggest selling music DVD of all time – with Henry Stein using Lightworks exclusively to edit each and every one of these explosive live performances.

Stein explained why Lightworks is the best tool for the job. He said: “With any multi-camera project, you need a solid, stable and fast system, and Lightworks is certainly that. I particularly enjoy using Lightworks’ sync group function for multi-camera live footage, which in the case of the Led Zeppelin concert was a real mix of files – including Super 8. Lightworks allows you to run these extra files essentially as another camera, something other NLEs struggle with. Above everything else, Lightworks just lets you get on with the job of editing.”

Fans awaiting footage from the tribute concert held for the band’s dear friend and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun have had to wait five long years. But, as is often the case with Led Zeppelin, they tackle projects when they feel the time is right, hence the 27-year wait for a live performance, and the production of this film was no different.

“The picture edit was originally started and almost finished in 2011 and was subsequently put on hold for a year at the band’s request. The original footage was then archived and put into storage, but when the time came to finish the film a year later, after un-archiving and restarting the edit we found the seven year-old Lightworks Alacrity’s hard drive was dead,” said Stein.

“The beauty of Lightworks was that we just hooked up the new computer with the latest software and everything worked seamlessly straight away. All in all we lost just a couple of hours of editing time as opposed to facing a major headache.”

The latest version of Lightworks for Windows is available to download for free at, with an upgrade to the Pro version available for only £40/€50/$60 per year, with Linux and Mac versions soon to be released. “Celebration Day” is available in multiple video and audio formats on 19 November from Swan Song/Atlantic Records.

EditShare is the technology pioneer in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the post-production, TV and film industries.

EditShare’s ground-breaking products are designed to improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, archiving and backup systems, media asset management, and Lightworks – the world’s first three-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application (NLE).

Contact details

EditShare Europe, Middle East & Africa: UK [REGION HQ]
Sean Sweet, Clifton House, Bunnian Place, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 7JE, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7183 2255 // Fax: +44 (0) 20 7183 2256 // Email: marketing @ editshare . co . uk

(The “four symbols” image is via Wikipedia’s Led Zeppelin IV article. The fact that we could use them for a Lightworks article just totally made our day.)

EditShare 6.2.1 now available, including Ark 2.2.1 & Flow 2.2.1. See for details.

New EditShare server updates are available. Please see for details & downloads.

Please note that these are part of EditShare’s 6.2.x series, with many notable changes & improvements to multiple product lines, including Storage, Flow, and Ark enhancements.

Full information about this update is available in the EditShare v6.2.1 ReadMe PDF

This release provides many important updates for Storage, Flow, and Ark. All customers are urged to update as soon as possible. Changes include Avid Style compatibility update for Media Composer and Symphony 6.5 for Windows, significant improvements in Avid Style performance in general, resolution of occasional network disconnections for OS X users who mount spaces by AFP, better Flow compatibility with Adobe Premiere, reduced memory usage by Flow and Ark leading to much better reliability during archiving and restoration operations, plus numerous overall improvements in Ark. Also, EditShare Connect and Flow clients are now “signed” for compatibility with security features in Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

EditShare Storage (6.2.1) — Highlights in this version

  • Avid Style now compatible with Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony 6.5 for Windows (OS X versions okay with previous release)
  • Increased Avid Style performance
  • AAF export resolved for Media Composer and Symphony 4, 5 and 5.5 for OS X when projects and/or media stored in Avid Style spaces
  • Automatic 10 Gigabit optimizations now applied on OS X workstations that have 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters
  • EditShare’s Daily Backup job now include projects created in Avid Style spaces
  • Resolved occasional disconnections of AFP-mounted spaces when there was no network activity for a long time
  • EditShare Connect for OS X “signed” for compatibility with OS X 10.7.5 and 10.8.x security features

EditShare Flow (2.2.1) — Highlights in this version

  • Drag and drop from Flow Browse to Adobe Premiere improved
  • Speed of File Ingest from XDCAM Op1a clips significantly increased
  • Enhanced memory management improves system reliability when Flow is used in conjunction with Ark
  • Better search speed when the Flow database is large
  • Flow clients for OS X “signed” for compatibility with OS X 10.7.5 and 10.8.x security features

EditShare Ark (2.2.1) — Highlights in this version

  • Enhanced memory and notification management improves system reliability, especially when Ark used in conjunction with Flow, and especially when the number of files being processed is large.
  • Running “permissions repair” from the RAID Toolkit no longer always causes Ark Tape to backup up files again.
  • Now possible to migrate files from Ark Disk to Ark Tape
  • Now possible to backup Flow database and Flow proxy files to Ark destinations
  • Multiple restoration jobs can now run simultaneously if files come from different tape pools
  • Backup from EditShare Expansion servers to Ark Disk destinations now working again

IMPORTANT – Customers using EditShare Storage and Flow with Geevs servers:

  • EditShare Storage requires your Geevs server(s) to be running Geevs version This is the version of Geevs that was released to be compatible with the previous EditShare updates ( so you may already be running this Geevs version at your facility.
  • If you are updating Storage, Flow and Ark from versions earlier than (for example, from 6.1.3.x/2.1.3.x), you may currently be running a Geevs version that is incompatible with this new update.
  • Please be sure to update all your Geevs servers to if they are not already running that version. You cannot update some servers now and other servers later. All your servers must be running compatible versions.


Please visit the updated DAVE compatibility page for new information on the latest EditShare approved DAVE builds, 9.0.2-1450 and 10.0.1. All EditShare customers running OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion must be running DAVE 10.0 or DAVE 10.0.1 (DAVE 9.0.2-1450 is incompatible with Mountain Lion). EditShare customers running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion can run either DAVE 9.0.2-1450 or DAVE 10.0.1. The original DAVE 10.0 release is not 100 percent compatible with Mac OS X Lion or Mac OS X Snow Leopard, so Lion & Snow Leopard users who wish to run DAVE 10 should only use version 10.0.1.

#Lightworks v11.0.3 for Windows is now available at

We’ve just released Lightworks v11.0.3 for Windows, with a variety of bugfixes & enhancements. Downloads & more information are available at

We’re also hard at work on the upcoming beta of Lightworks 11.1 with a number of changes, including Blackmagic I/O support, as discussed over at RedShark, EditShare’s new online magazine for moving image professionals. If you are interested in joining the Lightworks beta program, information on it will be available to registered users on shortly.

As a reminder, we’re aiming to release the initial alpha version of Lightworks for Ubuntu Linux on the 30th of October. A lot of people have been asking about it, and we’re eager to get it to you and see what you start doing with it. 

If you’re just starting out with Lightworks, you may find the Lightworks video tutorials on YouTube useful. They were produced by Peter Bridgman, a long-time professional Lightworks user, and are well worth the time if you’re getting started — or re-familiarized — with Lightworks.

For those curious about the Mac & open source versions, we’re still fully committed to these, but have no updated information at this time. Keep an eye on the Lightworks roadmap for news as it becomes available, and of course our Facebook page and @ESLightworks on Twitter.

North American partnership announced between @EditShare and @OCTOPUSNewsroom for MOS-compliant newsroom computer systems

EditShare Makes Headlines With New OCTOPUS Partnership

EditShare tapeless solutions seamlessly integrate with OCTOPUS6 Newsroom Computer System; EditShare distribution channel reselling turnkey news production solutions

Boston, MA – July 11, 2012 — EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, today announced a technology and distribution partnership with OCTOPUS Newsroom, developer of advanced newsroom computer systems (NRCS). The new relationship expands EditShare’s support for MOS-compliant newsroom computer systems to include OCTOPUS6, with unique integration benefits such as the ability to preview from within the newsroom client video asset proxies that are stored on the EditShare Media Asset Management system. The relationship also opens up distribution channels for OCTOPUS in North America.

“EditShare chose to partner closely with Octopus because of its robust feature set, cross-platform Mac and Windows client support, and cost-effective licensing structure,” says Andy Liebman, founder and President of EditShare. “Incorporating the OCTOPUS6 NRCS as part of the EditShare tapeless workflow provides broadcasters with a complete turnkey, tapeless production solution for managing news content and media. In concert with EditShare Shared Storage, Flow Media Asset Management, Geevs Ingest and Playout servers, and Ark Backup and Archive, Octopus streamlines the entire news production process. News directors and reporters can browse assets, create rundowns, scripts, and news packages, and when it’s time to air, load the rundowns into EditShare Geevs servers for live playout. The two-way MOS communication between the Octopus system and the Geevs playout server gives news directors instant feedback on which packages are ready for air, and allows for last-second changes in the rundown as breaking news emerges. And that turnkey news production package is available today through the EditShare channel in North America and the Octopus channel worldwide.”

In addition to deeper integration with EditShare broadcast servers, journalists can browse source material stored on the EditShare shared storage systems. Liebman continues, “Because EditShare and Octopus are seamlessly integrated through the MOS protocol, journalists using the newsroom client have direct and immediate access to content stored on the EditShare shared storage systems. This includes tapeless material shot in the field, satellite feeds captured by Geevs or Flow Ingest servers, and clips stored in the archives. Users can also create placeholders in the rundown for events that have not yet been recorded or edits that are still under way, enabling news directors to quickly assess the timing of a broadcast but still allowing for last-minute news gathering and editing. EditShare manages the complexity of content collection, storage, and migration, greatly simplifying the workflow, enabling journalists to quickly and easily craft their story for broadcast.”

Petr Stokuc, Managing Director, Octopus Newsroom, comments, “Our successful partnership with EditShare started more than two years ago with the integration of our Octopus6 newsroom system with their Geevs servers. Since then we have delivered to our professional customers many workflow solutions that benefit from this integration.” Stokuc continues, “We are delighted that this technology partnership has now also developed into business cooperation. And after its success in Europe, we are now looking forward to the next step – in North America.”


OCTOPUS6 is an advanced, platform-independent, and cost-effective newsroom computer system, natively running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The non-subscription based solution offers on average an 18-month ROI for broadcasters. It offers convenience, speed, and ease of use at every stage of the newscast preparation process.

OCTOPUS6 provides the tools for journalists in TV newsrooms to fulfill all aspects of the news delivery workflow, from browsing or searching source material, to writing scripts and preparing rundowns, either for 24/7 news networks or for channels with only a few bulletins per day.

With scalability, modularity, support for a wide range of languages, multi-platform publishing, and open architecture, OCTOPUS6 can be used in any newsroom, no matter the size, language, or workflow. OCTOPUS6 is placed in the middle of news production and, as a key system, connects all other systems in the newsroom – such as automation, graphics, or teleprompters – together through its industry-standard MOS protocol.

OCTOPUS6 is utilized by more than 100 channels throughout the world and is currently a market leader in Central Europe and South Asia. Some of the key Octopus customers include Euronews in France; Al Jazeera English in Qatar, Malaysia, UK, and USA; RBC in Russia; TVN Network in Poland; ZEE Network in India; FOX in Turkey, and many others.

About EditShare

EditShare is the technology leader in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the TV and film industry. Our groundbreaking products improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, archiving and backup software, media asset management, and the world’s first 3-platform (Windows, OSX and Linux) professional non-linear video editing application.

©2012 EditShare LLC. All rights reserved. EditShare® is a registered trademark of EditShare LLC. All other trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

Download PDF of this press release (113kb)

Press Contacts

Janice Dolan
Zazil Media Group
1 (617) 817-6595

OCTOPUS Newsroom
420 221 181 511


Bob Pank
Zazil Media Group
44 1342 836056


#Lightworks v11.0.1 for Windows is now available at

We’ve just released Lightworks v11.0.1 for Windows, with a variety of bugfixes & enhancements. Downloads & more information is available at

We also released a series of video tutorials for Lightworks earlier this week. They were produced by Peter Bridgman, a long-time professional Lightworks user, and are well worth the time if you’re getting started — or re-familiarized — with Lightworks.

For those curious about the Mac & Linux versions, and the launch of the open source project, we’re still fully committed to all of these, but have no updated information at this time. Keep an eye on the Lightworks roadmap for news as it becomes available, and of course our Facebook page and @ESLightworks on Twitter.

EditShare 6.2 update now available, including Flow 2.2 & Ark 2.2. See for details.

New EditShare server updates are available. Please see for details & downloads.

Please note that these are part of EditShare’s 6.2.x series, with many notable changes & improvements to multiple product lines, including Storage, Flow, and Ark enhancements.

Full information about this update is available in the EditShare v6.2 ReadMe PDF


This update is not compatible with Geevs! Please see ‘Important Note’ below for details.

EditShare Storage (6.2)

Changes in this version:

  • Support for SNMP-connected UPS devices.
  • New DAVE locking and caching options in EditShare Connect.
  • Automatic repair of quotas.
  • Removed Netatalk restart when creating new Managed, Unmanaged or Avid Style spaces.
  • Improvements to NFS client.

EditShare Flow (2.2)

This is a major release which includes many new features:

  • Group clip creation on Flow and Geevs ingest for multicam editing in Avid.
  • New clip status icons and timeline colors in Flow Browse that show whether clip is online, offline, or archived.
  • File Deletion from Flow Browse
  • New scan options, and ability to scan from Flow Browse in addition to Flow Control.
  • Partial file restoration from Ark Disk.
  • Creation of Ark restore jobs from projects, folders, clips, and sequences.
  • Many improvements to Search including similar and Boolean searches.
  • Media spaces arranged by type in Flow Browse.
  • Separation of Flow Scan and Proxy creation process, now possible to make proxies on multiple servers at once.
  • Improved metadata layout, and ability to configure custom metadata layouts.
  • Project sharing now available in Flow Projects tab using EditShare Shared Projects Red/Amber/Green lock icon system to indicate ownership.
  • You can now purchase an option to allow Flow to scan existing 3rd party storage locations that present an smb mount.
  • You can now change locked clip metadata if you have permission.
  • Expanded codec support for Scan, File Based Ingest, and SDI Ingest. Additional codecs supported by Flow Scan including Avid JFIF 4:1s and 10:1, and Canon 5D files. See here for details.
  • Drag and drop of Flow Projects or Folders into FCP7 or Adobe Premiere.
  • Other bug fixes, see Fixed in Flow Version in the ReadMe.

Reference table showing supported formats and codecs in Flow 2.2.

EditShare Ark (2.2)

Changes in this version:

  • Ark Watch Groups created on expansion servers will now work properly.
  • Quicker display of large numbers of tape pools and backup runs.
  • Improved sorting of tape pool names.
  • Improved accuracy of estimated time for backup and restore.
  • Ark restore jobs will now continue even if there is an error on restoring a particular file.
  • Swapping of tapes will be optimized when running simultaneous backups.


This update is not compatible with the currently shipping Geevs version, Please do not update your storage, Ark, or Flow servers if you are running Geevs or earlier and using Geevs with Flow.

Geevs, which is required for compatibility with Flow 2.2, will be released in Mid-June. As soon as it is released, notification will be posted here. It will then be safe to update all your servers at once to the latest releases.


If you were previously using EditShare Connect on OS X or Windows under EditShare or earlier, and had configured Avid Style or the Avid Launcher, you must you must first un-configure these features in the old version of EditShare Connect.  Next, if you are a Windows user, you must uninstall the old version of EditShare Connect. Finally, both OS X and Windows users must update to the new version of EditShare Connect and reenable Avid Style and/or the Avid Launcher.

If you are upgrading from EditShare, you can simply install the new EditShare Connect clients over the old ones. You may need to re-target your Avid application in windows EditShare Connect and/or re-enable the Avid Style option on windows or os x.


If you have previously configured an ethernet bond under or, you should update to but you must contact EditShare Technical Support for assistance remaking the bond before doing so.

If you use ethernet bonding but are upgrading from, you can upgrade normally without assistance.


Please visit the updated DAVE compatibility page for new information on the latest EditShare approved DAVE build, 9.0.2-1450. (Updated 30 April 2012)

Installing EditShare Updates

If your server has a connection to the Internet, you can run Install Updates from the Control Panel on your server’s desktop. Otherwise, you can download the offline updater from, copy it to your server, then go back and run Install Updates.

As always, feel free to contact EditShare technical support if you have any questions.

Lightworks roadmap update

When we started the Lightworks Beta program, we set out to make a difference. We wanted to engage people in a community that was driven by the desire to nurture and develop editing software based on what mattered to editors; we didn’t want to follow a rigid corporate strategy, servicing shareholders who have no idea about our industry. We have come a long way in the past 18 months, from an early beta version of Lightworks to a full release, and we are proud of that journey.

A key part to its continued success is the open nature of the project. We stated at the beginning that the project would have four stages:

  1. Release a free version of Lightworks
  2. Release a full version, which includes the extra professional codecs
  3. Release cross-platform versions of Lightworks for Mac OSX and Linux as well
  4. Release the source code

With this release, we have reached stage two. It has taken us a little longer to get here, but we’re not far away with phase three – cross-platform support.

As before, we will publish an outline roadmap. It’s not set in stone, and is liable to change. If it does, we’ll keep this page updated. But it is there as a guide to where we are taking the product. We will also throw in a few surprises along the way.

We will also be making some announcements in the coming months about our approach to open source with Lightworks and the plans for this going forward.

Our new roadmap will be published shortly. Please check back for regular updates.

Update on the launch of #Lightworks 11 for Windows and the new site.

UPDATE: Ten minutes after posting this, went live! See here for details.

Lightworks Movie Credits

‘It’s almost here… we’ll be back in a few hours…
just enough time for an epic movie!’

The release of Lightworks 11 for Windows and the launch of Lightworks Pro are obviously taking a bit longer than anticipated.

The bottleneck appears to be in transferring 300,000 user accounts from the Lightworks Beta system over to the new Lightworks Free & Lightworks Pro accounts is taking longer than original calculations had estimated — things are moving along, though, and we hope to have the new site and the new version available to the public as soon as possible.

We apologize for the delay, and will post another update once the dust has settled from the move to the new digs.

We’re eager to finish off the current milestone so that we can move on to working on the Linux port of Lightworks, and after that the Mac version and the launch of the eventual cross-platform open source project.

Thank you as always for your interest in Lightworks!