Lightworks 11.1.i Public Beta (Windows Only)

Today we are releasing the next Public Beta of Lightworks for Windows (11.1.i)

We now have approximately 4700 users actively testing and reporting feedback on the latest version of Lightworks. This new build primarily fixes issues encountered with the previous Beta version (11.1.h) We are aiming to have the release version ready before the end of next week, again it will be based around feedback from this latest Beta.

To access the latest Beta build for Windows please visit:

The fixes since 11.1.h are:

  • Fixed H.264 MOV files appearing considerably darker when compared with Quicktime
  • Fixed lengthy delay waiting for pixels shaders to load when entering projects
  • Fixed potential crash entering projects
  • Fixed crash loading column layouts on bins
  • Fixed crash importing AVCHD files with AC3 audio on Windows 8 WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Fixed Find material function failing when selecting permanent bins
  • Fixed sync on 23.98 pulled down WAV exports
  • Fixed audio on MP3 samples being garbled in the 64bit version
  • Fixed archiving from an export tool that was restored from a room file
  • Fixed restoring archives with linked media paths failing to reconnect audio streams
  • Fixed incorrect audio on AVCHD MOV imports
  • Fixed memory issue on 32bit version

All Beta feedback is through the Lightworks Forum under the “Windows Beta Testers” section.


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