Lightworks for Linux public beta launches today

Today we are releasing the first Linux Public Beta version of Lightworks. Anyone can try out the Linux Beta version by signing up at:

This Beta version contains the new EditShare Licensing Service (ELS) which will allow users to sign in to the application using their username and password. (An internet connection MUST be present on the system for initial setup.) When signing in, each new user will be automatically given a complimentary seven day Pro license to test the Pro version of Lightworks. This is renewable at the end of the seven days by simply signing back in to the application.

The Linux Beta does not include trial AVID DNxHD licensing due to restrictions imposed by AVID. We will shortly be adding the option to the Lightworks Shop for users to purchase an AVID DNxHD license specifically for the Linux version.

There are still some limitations with the current Linux build, which can be found on the Linux Beta page.

Many thanks to the Linux Alpha Testers that continually submitted feedback and helped get the Linux version to Beta stage.

The complimentary Linux activations will not appear on your Community page under Activations.


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