Lightworks 11.1.g Public Beta (Windows Only)

Today we are releasing the next Public Beta of Lightworks for Windows (11.1.g)

We now have approximately 4400 users actively testing and reporting feedback on the latest version of Lightworks. This build has some very nice enhancements for auto unjoin trimming, shared project updates and various fixes. We are hoping to release one or two more Beta builds before the final release on 30th April.

To access the latest Beta build for Windows please visit:

The fixes since 11.1.f are:

  • Fixed crash enabling the fullscreen output in the 64bit version
  • Fixed Render panel not appearing
  • Fixed Atomos Samurai_DNX HD .mov audio playback being incorrect
  • Fixed ProRes sample not importing with Picture
  • Added default folder icon for all three platforms when browsing Places
  • Fixed potential crash importing file from Pentax k30
  • Fixed multiple bins being created when importing new media
  • Fixed import of AC3 audio on AVCHD files (broken in previous two Beta versions)
  • Fixed import of 32bit WAV sample (previously failed to import)
  • Fixed crash rendering/exporting AVID DNxHD MXF 1080p25
  • Fixed deselected tracks on popped out tiles
  • Fixed potential crash unjoining FX nodes in the video routing panel
  • Fixed FX getting lost when using the video routing panel
  • Added ability to move FX nodes using the left mouse button on the video routing panel
  • Fixed potential crash on exit after opening the Effects panel
  • Fixed Mark Out being ignored when doing four point editing
  • Fixed potential crash scrolling and resizing bins
  • Fixed Batch Import Tool transcode settings not persisting when tool is re-opened
  • Fixed Frame rate and Size options on the export panel from moving
  • Fixed recordings and imported files appearing offline when using shared projects
  • Fixed creation of Prints and Subclips
  • Fixed still images transcoded on import to DVCPro100 MOV displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed MPEG422 SD AVIs displaying incorrectly
  • Merge AVID DNxHD codec into main Lightworks installer (Separate AVID DNxHD installer no longer requires. AVID DNxHD License is still required)
  • Added ability to restore Milestones from the project browser Restore edit(s) function
  • Added ability to resize the Restore edit(s) panel
  • Milestones are now automatically generated when an edit is deleted
  • Fixed audio clicks on Voice Over recordings
  • Fixed potential crash entering a project containing AVID DNxHD media without the codec being installed
  • Fixed audio on MP3 samples being garbled when imported into the 64bit version
  • Fixed invalid characters appearing on the Filter Type options menu of the Audio EQ effect
  • Fixed incorrect audio speed on Blackmagic SD/HD recordings
  • Fixed newly imported files being created in a new Imports bin despite one already being open
  • Added new padlock icons to show the state of an edit when using shared projects (Green = Owned by you. Yellow = No owner. Red = Owned by another user)
  • Added ability to drag a tile from out of the viewer copy icon (left click and drag)
  • Added ability to drag single tiles to the New Edit, Bin and Sync Group tools
  • Added ability to auto unjoin all clips when unjoining a cut point using the mouse. This is now the default behaviour, click the cogs icon and and set “Auto unjoin” to “No” to disable
  • Added ability to bypass auto unjoin by holding down ALT before clicking a cut point.
  • Improved edit ownership list when using shared projects
  • Ask user to go online if Internet Explorer is set to offline mode during Lightworks startup (which stops HASP licensing working)
  • Fixed being able to resize a timeline track using the left mouse button
  • Fixed audio not playing in 11.1 if imported into 11.0.3 to an NTFS 4096b/sec drive
  • Fixed potential crash rendering thumbnails in bins when using shared projects

All Beta feedback is through the Lightworks Forum under the “Windows Beta Testers” section.


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