Lightworks 11.1.d Public Beta (Windows Only)

Today we are releasing the next Public Beta of Lightworks for Windows (11.1.d)

Since opening up the Beta program to the public three weeks ago, we have had an enormous amount of feedback, which shows in the list of fixes below. We now have 1100 users actively testing and reporting feedback on the latest version of Lightworks.

To access the latest Beta build for Windows please visit:

The fixes since 11.1.c include:

  • Fixed issue with playback stopping on the fullscreen output when moving the mouse
  • Fixed exit icon not appearing on fullscreen playback
  • Fixed Alpha setting not persisting on 4 corner gradient effect
  • Fixed 1 frame timecode discrepancy on BWAV imports
  • Fixed incorrect image on MTS files transcoded to Matrox YUYV
  • Fixed timeline marker not moving during playback after adding an effect and changing a keyframe parameter
  • Fixed inability to record from HDMI on Blackmagic Intensity
  • Fixed audio only recording using Blackmagic I/O
  • Fixed drag and drop behaviour of FX when V tracks are disabled
  • Enhancements and improvements to ALE import: (Pro version required)
    • File location/Name is no longer required under the Filepath heading. The ALE just needs to be in the same folder as the media
    • Related Video and Audio tracks are now automatically synced together upon import to Lightworks
    • ALE must be stored in parent directory of media it is referring to for import to analyse the media
    • Creates auto-grouped audio-only clips. Primarily multichannel BWAVs that have been extracted as separate .MXF files in the AVID MediaFiles folder
    • Included better logging during the import process to indicate why certain files cannot be imported
    • Included better logging during the import process to indicate which folders are being scanned
    • Ignore any subfolders starting with ‘.’ during media scanning
    • Ignore “Mac OSX” subfolders during media scanning
    • Ignore “resource.frk” subfolders during media scanning
    • Show ALE framerate on the import panel
    • Respect Reel IDs when pairing media files
  • Fixed vectorscope output displaying nonsense when using Blackmagic I/O
  • Fixed reading of media locators on AAF import
  • Fixed media locations disappearing when switching between project spaces
  • Added ALE licensing option to the licensing panel
  • Added User definable project/media locations to the licensing panel
  • Added import option to suppress material linking when importing AAFs
  • Added right-mouse click menu on Bin icon to display ‘All Contents’ from a project
  • Changed Lightworks archiving. User now selects whether to include local media or linked to media
  • Fixed playback of audio imported to the system drive in 11.0.3
  • Fixed display of Matrix wipes on FX panel
  • Fixed display of ProRes sample on the import panel (previously black)
  • Fixed reading of Reel ID from file imports
  • Fixed black Renders/Recordings/Exports using 1080i/PAL Blackmagic uncompressed MOV setting
  • Fixed connection settings on the record panel using Blackmagic I/O
  • Fixed Matrox Mpeg422P@HL bit rate setting on the export/render/record panels
  • Fixed 24bit WAV export in the 64bit version
  • Fixed a memory leak related to reading audio-file locators in AAF import
  • Fixed encoding/decoding URL strings in AAF locators with regard to real unicode characters
  • Fixed re-linking to sound files on AAF import (on a material drive) that do not have ‘.WAV’ extensions
  • Fixed AAF import of video file metadata (wrong aspect ratio etc)
  • Fixed failure to transcode 30fps .MP4 sample to MPEG422 AVI
  • Fixed potential crash playing back XDCAM HD MXF files in the 64bit version
  • Fixed potential issue with shared projects not updating correctly when importing files
  • Fixed audio links in .archive not being restored to the Sound folder when restoring the .archive
  • Fixed media appearing offline after using the move function of the media tool
  • Fixed link on Filecard to show all media being linked to
  • Fixed audio playback on AIFF sample
  • Prevent two instances of Lightworks being run at the same time
  • Fixed potential crash clicking the Location field in a bin after moving media using the Manage Media tool
  • Fixed typewriter titling effect progression with overlapping non-coincident effects
  • Fixed archiving progress bar from reporting invalid time (when including linked media)

All Beta feedback is through the Lightworks Forum under the “Windows Beta Testers” section.


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