#Lightworks v11.0.3 for Windows is now available at http://lwks.com/downloads

We’ve just released Lightworks v11.0.3 for Windows, with a variety of bugfixes & enhancements. Downloads & more information are available at lwks.com/downloads.

We’re also hard at work on the upcoming beta of Lightworks 11.1 with a number of changes, including Blackmagic I/O support, as discussed over at RedShark, EditShare’s new online magazine for moving image professionals. If you are interested in joining the Lightworks beta program, information on it will be available to registered users on LWKS.com shortly.

As a reminder, we’re aiming to release the initial alpha version of Lightworks for Ubuntu Linux on the 30th of October. A lot of people have been asking about it, and we’re eager to get it to you and see what you start doing with it. 

If you’re just starting out with Lightworks, you may find the Lightworks video tutorials on YouTube useful. They were produced by Peter Bridgman, a long-time professional Lightworks user, and are well worth the time if you’re getting started — or re-familiarized — with Lightworks.

For those curious about the Mac & open source versions, we’re still fully committed to these, but have no updated information at this time. Keep an eye on the Lightworks roadmap for news as it becomes available, and of course our Facebook page and @ESLightworks on Twitter.


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