EditShare update now available, including Ark See http://editshare.com/updates for details.

New EditShare server updates are available. Please see editshare.com/updates for details & downloads.

Please note that these are part of EditShare’s 6.1.x series, with many notable changes & improvements to multiple product lines. The update focuses exclusively on Ark enhancements.

EditShare Ark ( – Changes in this version:

  • Previously, Ark set the “block size” for LTO drives with each Ark Tape server boot up or each restart of the Ark Tape service. Now the block size is set each time a tape is loaded. This should fix reported issues with tape labels sometimes not being written or read properly, and with backups and restorations sometimes failing without a restart of Ark.
  • On Ark tape servers where the DNS address was slow to respond, certain Ark processes could timeout. This has been fixed.
  • Improved Unicode Compatibility. Until this release, the Ark User Interface might have occasionally failed to show the details for some running and completed jobs because of “unicode incompatibilties”. This has been resolved.
  • In previous Ark releases, if you scheduled an Ark job more than once per day – for example, every hour or ever 20 minutes – the list of queued jobs might have failed to display properly. This has been resolved.
  • Backups and restorations might have previously failed on Ark servers that were configured with multiple IP Addresses. This has been resolved.

Full information about this update is available in the ReadMeV6_1_3_4.pdf

Note for Avid users upgrading from EditShare or earlier

If you were previously using EditShare Connect on OS X or Windows under EditShare or earlier, and had configured Avid Style or the Avid Launcher, you must you must first un-configure these features in the old version of EditShare Connect.  Next, if you are a Windows user, you must uninstall the old version of EditShare Connect. Finally, both OS X and Windows users must update to the new version of EditShare Connect and reenable Avid Style and/or the Avid Launcher.

If you are upgrading from EditShare, you can simply install the new EditShare Connect clients over the old ones. You may need to re-target your Avid application in windows EditShare Connect and/or re-enable the Avid Style option on windows or os x.

Note on Ethernet Bonding

If you have previously configured an ethernet bond under or, you should update to but you must contact EditShare Technical Support for assistance remaking the bond before doing so.

If you use ethernet bonding but are upgrading from, you can upgrade normally without assistance.

Note on Thursby DAVE

Please visit the updated DAVE compatibility page for new information on the latest EditShare approved DAVE build, 9.0.2-1450. (Updated 30 April 2012)

Installing EditShare

If your server has a connection to the Internet, you can run Install Updates from the Control Panel on your server’s desktop. Otherwise, you can download the offline updater from editshare.com/updates, copy it to your server, then go back and run Install Updates.

As always, feel free to contact EditShare technical support if you have any questions.


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