UPDATE: New Lightworks Beta release now available!

Reposting from Matt Sandford at the Lightworks Forum:

The updated Beta version is now available from the Downloads page. This version has an extended license and includes several small fixes and updates which can be seen below:

  • Modify AVI+WAV export option to include audio mixer settings (same as WAV export)
  • Fix import of certain DNxHD MXF files that were not recognised correctly
  • Fix import of DNxHD MXF files that had been split up
  • Fix AES recording (any card with single AES channel)
  • Fix hang exiting standby on the record panel when no valid input is present
  • Fix exporting never completing with invalid events on the audio tracks
  • Restore audio monitor delay setting on project card
  • Change Record panel behaviour. Users must now enable Standby mode in order to start a record, this resolves an issue of V/O recordings not appearing in the timeline
  • Fix crash displaying DNxHD MOV material
  • Fix crash playing back DNxHD MOV material with DVEs added
  • Fix Voiceover recording to continue to the end of the edit when latency has been set
  • Add support for the latest RED SDK
  • Fix 1080p DNxHD MOV files appearing as 1080i on the import panel
  • Fix handling of audio on DNxHD MOV sample
  • Fix crash importing split MXF DNxHD files
  • Fix AVI+WAV export to generate an AVI without embedded audio
  • Fix DNxHD MOV samples that imported with incorrect audio

As always, please post any comments or questions back to the Lightworks Forum so that Matt and the rest of the Lightworks development team can see what you have to say.


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