EditShare Storage now available with Ark & Flow

New EditShare server updates are available. Please see editshare.com/updates for details & downloads.

Editshare strongly recommends that you update your servers to from all earlier versions of EditShare 6.x, especially if you have Flow or Ark.

EditShare’s 6.1.x series has many notable changes & improvements to multiple product lines. Editshare contained many fixes and enhancements, particularly to Ark.

EditShare contains all of those fixes and enhancements, and also addresses a number of issues introduced in, as described below:

  • If you updated to v6.1.3.0 from an earlier version and then you removed a preexisting network bridge, your EditShare IP Configurator might not have functioned correctly. This has been fixed.
  • If you updated to v6.1.3.0, the kernel update might not have installed correctly on some machines, particularly on Flow Ingest servers. This has been fixed.
  • After you updated your Flow Ingest server to v6.1.3.0, a DVS card might not have detected, making it impossible for you to preview or capture from SDI sources. This is fixed after you update to version and run the Role Assistant on your Flow Ingest server.
  • After you updated to v6.1.3.0, you might have had difficulties applying new email preferences because a configuration file was missing. This has been fixed.
  • After updating your system to v6.1.3.0 with the offline updater, your Ark system might have reported incorrect LTO tape sizes. This has been fixed.
  • Resolved issue where, if you have many Tape Pools as destinations, the list of tape pools runs off the Ark UI page, making it impossible to see some pools, and pushing the SAVE and CANCEL buttons off the page.
  • Resolved issue where automatic backup from Geevs to Ark Disk may cancel a currently running job if new backup requests are received before the current job has been completed.

Mac users: Please review the updated DAVE compatibility information (updated Jan 9th).

If your server has a connection to the Internet, you can run Install Updates from the Control Panel on your server’s desktop. Otherwise, you can download the offline updater from editshare.com/updates, copy it to your server, then go back and run Install Updates.

As always, feel free to contact EditShare technical support if you have any questions.


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