New #Lightworks Beta Release now available, with several fixes, updates, and an extended license.

New Lightworks Beta Release: – [now available]

The updated Beta version is now available from the Lightworks Downloads page.

Registered members of the Lightworks beta program can download the new version from

This version has an extended license and includes several small fixes and updates which can be seen below.

Fixes and Features in Beta

  • Fix Bin archiving to support odd characters.
  • Fix crash resizing viewers during playback
  • Fix crash moving viewers during playback
  • Fix crash and screen corruption after applying BITC
  • Fix WAV export on edits with more than 31 audio tracks
  • Updated to RED SDK 4.0 (requirements for 4.0 RED SDK: Rocket Driver and Firmware or later) No longer require two installers of Lightworks to work with and without a RED Rocket card. (Full version only)
  • Fix importing 24p Quicktimes from FCP
  • Fix import of audio on certain Quicktime files (was previously white noise)
  • Fix reading of timecode on consolidated AVID audio files
  • First attempt at fixing timecode from Quicktimes on systems with DSX Utils installed (Full version only)
  • Fix transcode of Quicktimes on import to DVCPro50
  • Fix naming on Archive exports
  • Fix reading of timecode from 24p MOVs on systems with DSX Utils installed (Full version only)
  • Fix audio on Quicktime/AVI exports with DSX Utils installed (Full version only)
  • Fix crash moving a sound only edit viewer during playback
  • Fix crash running out of GDI handles (random crashing)
  • Added ability to export AAF with audio handles (Full version only)
  • Added automatic Trace function when exporting AAF (Full version only)
  • Added check on AAF generation to check all channel events (Full version only)
  • Added pre-processor check to scan all segment IN/OUT points, allowing for transitions, and report the position of any segments that are beyond the bounds of the source-clip. The AAF export will abort if any are found. (Full version only)
  • Added ability to copy audio nodes from one section to another (Hold down ALT left click and drag the clip to a new section and release the left mouse button)
  • Fix shot timecodes on exported AAFs (Full version only)
  • Fix focus issues after dragging tiles out of bins
  • Fix DNXHD decoding (Full version only)
  • Change Use undo edits function to use the next available undo
  • AAF export now continues with a warning message if a source clip is missing, rather than terminating. (Full version only)
  • Fix save/restore of AAF-export options panel settings (Full version only)
  • Fix P2 imports on systems with DSX Utils to sync with audio and show correct timecodes (Full version only)
  • Fix playback problems with natively imported HD P2 material
  • Restore Uncompressed option back to Record/Render/Export compression panels
  • Add support for Matrox DSX Utils Release Candidate 8.0 (Full version only)
  • Add support for Matrox DSX Utils (Retail drivers) (Full version only)
  • Fix Tiles not appearing in Bin set to Tiles view when recording from a database
  • Fix crash closing a rack after recording from a database
  • Fix potential crash when clicking undo
  • Fix issue with undo files not working correctly
  • Removed the 32,000 record limitation of projects (projects over this size produced updating problems)
  • Fix creation of .ed5 files beginning with “P” in the project folder
  • Fix performance problems adding and playing back effects
  • Fix poor image playback when set to Frames in certain projects
  • Restore option back to export panel to allow for AVI creation with separate audio files (AVI+WAV)
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts not appearing correctly
  • Fix crash exporting MOVs and MXFs from systems without hardware I/O installed
  • Fix AVI+WAV export from generating an unknown file
  • Change ‘target’ options on AAF-export to separate Avid and Protools. The ‘default’ option is now explicitly called ‘Lightworks’. (Full version only)
  • Fix AAF export with track-levels and clip-gain to import to Avid. (Full version only)
  • Fix AAF import to import all audio-levels data from any format of AAF – Avid, Protools or Lightworks format. (Full version only)
  • Fix AAF export concerning the specification of ‘edit-rate’ as applied to the exported SOURCE-clips and their timecodes. (Full version only)
  • Change AAF export to default to WAV if exporting to Avid or Protools (Full version only)
  • Fix AAF export issues concerning the start/end nodes of segments of the edit (Full version only)
  • Fix audio speed on OMF imports
  • Fix audio speed on AAF imports (Full version only)
  • Fix various updating issues with edits causing timeouts and delays
  • Reduce the number of calls to fileExists which would occur for missing ed5s
  • Fix delay opening consolidate panel in large shared projects
  • Fix crash exporting to PTV (Full version only)
  • Fix crash on notification of network delete of a missing edit
  • Added support for the recent full releases of Matrox retail drivers and DSX OEM drivers ( and (Full version only)
  • Fix newly created edits not appearing in bins in shared projects
  • Fix labels panel to be editable after dropping a tile into a source viewer with the labels panel open
  • Fix potential crash displaying imported shot in a new bin
  • Fix potential crash creating and modifying new projects in shared projects on Windows 7 systems
  • Fix project name getting lost
  • Fix reading of timecode on Quicktime imports
  • Fix OMF import to playback audio at the correct speed
  • Fix inability to add crossfades and dissolves
  • Add support for of Geevs on PTV export (previous versions of Geevs will no longer work) (Full version only)
  • Fix decoding of certain DNxHD MXF files (Full version only)
  • Fix E-E recording on interlace formats
  • Fix crash entering a room where an edit referenced by a viewer has been deleted
  • Fix crash opening Effects panel with thumbnails enabled
  • Fix OMF export to give correct audio speed when selecting “keep original” as sample rate
  • Fix crash searching for newly imported shots in shared projects
  • Fix “What source-reelID for audio-only EDL” option on EDL export to respect user changes
  • Fix crash changing bin view after deleting a shot
  • Fix analogue audio recording using DSXLE2 card (Full version only)
  • Fix import of ProRes files from KiPro (Full version only)
  • Fix audio import of Quicktime wrapped DNxHD. (Full version only)
  • Fix V/O recordings which now copes with source regions which are longer than the source (at the head AND tail)
  • Fix possible memory leak if you keep the effects panel open with thumbnail display on all the time. (Performance improvement)
  • Prevent trimming crash
  • Disable MSinfo check (annoying CPU usage on Windows 7) (Full version only)
  • Fix media relinking in network projects
  • Modify AVI+WAV export option to include audio mixer settings (same as WAV export)
  • Fix import of certain DNxHD MXF files that were not recognized correctly (Full version only)
  • Fix audio levels being lost when moving an audio clip to another area of the edit

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