EditShare + Flow 2.1.2 are now available

New EditShare server updates are available from editshare.com/updates:

Storage ( – Changes in this version:

  • Email notification improvements – resolves issues that may have prevented receiving important notifications from Storage Expansion, Flow and Ark servers.
  • Avid Style for Mac – for users running Media Composer on OS X and also using Avid Style spaces, this update resolves compatibility issues with many codecs. This update also resolves issues deleting media files from Avid Style spaces.

EditShare Flow (2.1.2) – Changes in this version:

  • Major improvements to File Ingest including complete support for capturing all metadata from P2 and XDCAM cards and discs, as well as better performance and memory management.
  • Flow Scan – added support for scanning Avid DNxHD 36 material and general improvements in reliability.
  • Flow SDI ingest – improved handling of scheduled ingests that cross midnight and general improvements in reliability.

If your server has a connection to the Internet, you can run Install Updates from the Control Panel on your server’s desktop. Otherwise, you can download the offline updater from editshare.com/updates, copy it to your server, then go back and run Install Updates.

As always, feel free to contact EditShare technical support if you have any questions.



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