To clarify, since people have asked: The Lightworks Console WILL work with Windows, Mac & Linux versions of #Lightworks.

Lightworks Console and Keyboard

Lightworks was designed around a dedicated controller (“the Lightworks Console”). This has proved to be a very intuitive device and very popular in the past. The Console is still available and can be purchased from web store from 29th November for £1,850 (€2,330, $2,800).

However, to align Lightworks with the way many editors are now used to working, EditShare has also developed a new Lightworks Keyboard with dedicated keys for almost every Lightworks function, as well as other useful shortcuts. The keyboard has both symbols and text descriptions of key functions. There is even a dedicated key to access the Lightworks Forum.

Costing only £95 (€115, $140), the keyboard will also be available from the new web store and can be ordered in several languages (e.g. English UK, English US, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and more).



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