TVTechnology | Editing Community Offers Input, by Jay Ankeney

by Jay Ankeney for TVTechnology, 09.06.2011

Free is good. But being part of a worldwide editing community that is thousands strong and working to help develop something that could affect the future of post production is downright exciting. For almost a year, EditShare has been offering free downloads of a new beta version of the venerable Lightworks nonlinear edit system for anyone editing on a Windows computer (XP or later) with a decent video/graphics card, and a generous amount of storage.

EditShare’s goal is to invite editors everywhere to provide their input on the proposed final version due to be completed by the end of the year. Once they release the source code, it will be an open-source version of Lightworks. And it, too, will be free.

But it is not simple altruism that is driving this project since EditShare plans to market turnkey Lightworks systems and add support and proprietary plug-ins to its Complete Collaboration suite of end-to-end media management solutions that include production asset management, shared storage, and archiving systems.



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