Bruce Wagner (@brucewagner) urges his 12,000 Twitter followers to switch to #Lightworks. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

“The King’s Speech” is just one of the thousands of Hollywood films which were edited entirely in LightWorks which is now 100% FOSS. cont p1

1:35 PM Apr 19th

LightWorks will be THE dominant video editor in the world since it’s now FOSS & has won more awards than ANY other video editor in the world

1:36 PM Apr 19th

If you do video editing, I HIGHLY recommend following all 5 links in this post: LightWorks!

1:38 PM Apr 19th

LightWorks is the world’s best video editor software, and it’s FOSS (free open source software). … p1 continued…

2:30 PM Apr 19th

We decided that we are standardizing on it. We will only use LightWorks in house. …p2 continued…

2:32 PM Apr 19th

We are using the windows version now. When it becomes available, we will use the Ubuntu Linux version of LightWorks. p3

2:33 PM Apr 19th

Some of this, it has to be said, is a slight exaggeration, or in the very least is premature & wildly optimistic.

But all the same, we appreciate the ringing vote of confidence.

Thank you, Bruce!


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